We collect all useful commercial property related news, information and tools in "Resources". Here, you can find commercial property related hot news, buying advice and stamp duty information. You can also check the information of land search and company search or let our property professionals to handle land search and company search for you. You are free to check the mortgage amount with the mortgage calculator we prepared for you.
Mortgage Calculator

When buying a premise, property mortgage is indispensable. For your convenience, we prepare a "Mortgage Calculator" here. You can check the down payment, monthly repayment, interest and total repayment required with a few entries of the mortgage details. It is clear and easy.

Stamp Duty

HK Government will charge a stamp duty on sale and lease of immovable property at rates base on the value of the property and the term of the lease. We gather the stamp duty information here and you can check the stamp instantly.

Buying Advice

To make sure the value of invested commercial property appreciates, it is suggested to find out the potential rise in value of the property. To help you make a smart decision, we share some buying tip here.